Monday, October 15, 2007

Taking the plunge

Getting the boosts from some friends, I finally decided to take the plunge and register my Page 101 blog in PPP. It will take few days for them to review my blog for approval and then I'll know by then if I will have the opportunity to earn online or I'll need another try. I'm crossing my fingers and starting to think of what may come next if my blog was approved for PPP.


mari said...

hi jane,

you can email me at ask anything, basta kaya kong sagutin ha :)

jane said...

thanks malu.glad to hear those feedbacks from you.i'm looking forward to the experience.

lovelyn said...

Good for you Jane to sign up with PPP. I also wanted too but maybe I'll give me more some time.

I'll change my lay-out first as its not so catchy.

Goodluck with your PPP!

Jane said...

thanks still waiting for the results - it's the 3rd day now, i'm starting to think it's rejected.
hei, why not give it a try. most say the simpler the layout, the better.