Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Somebody needs to win a free domain - PLEASE BE OF HELP

Lovelyn of "A Raconteur's Attempt" is staging some form of web campaign to help Bill of "From the Boondocks" win a free domain contest run by Tina of "". As Bill is a "kailyan" from the Cordilleras, I asked Lovelyn if I can copy her idea and campaign for Bill in my blog and she willingly said yes. Bill desperately needs a domain of his own so he could compile all his articles in a website he can really call his own and will soon have his site's URL " Sounds nice, right? Please help us by visiting his quest HERE and another attempt HERE. It's as easy as getting into his site and clicking all the links he placed for the votes to be counted in. This is not a political thing, promise! If Bill will win, he's in the second spot right now, we'd all have a cup of native coffee pouring from somebody else's "takore". Let's make this real.


lovelyn said...

Brava Jane! Last nìght before I went to sleep, Bill is only 20 points behind. I think we can do this.

Thanks for linking my my site.

Jane said...

Yeah! I am cross-posting so we'll get more votes from my "multiply" friends.
Sorry, I have to correct the spelling of your blog's name in this post and in my link as well. Usto gayam jay dictionary'k ket.I got confuse by your URL gamin ya.

Bill Bilig said...

Hey, thanks a lot. What an unexpected gift from you :-)

Yup, that native coffee will be boiled straight from the fireplace ready for drinking whenever you are in the boondocks.

Thanks again :-)

Jane said...

no problem consider that as a gift? halloween gift isu? LOL! Remember, you ought to send us the coffee when you win. You have to start to think how you'll send it around the world now :)
This is the result of being "idle" at work. Blogging has eventually consumed me lately, hahaha. Wait 'til I get a new project awarded... but I guess i'll still be posting by then :)