Sunday, October 21, 2007

Earning online starts from here

My first application to a site that pays posts seems not be approved or it maybe taking the site owners quite some time to look well into my blog and to decide whether or not to get me in their group. It has been more than a week now so I almost thought of withdrawing that application. Then the friend who attested her membership to that site recommended me to join another blog paying site, the Bloggerwave . At first, I had some hesitations but then, the drive of getting paid for what I write somehow encouraged me to just give it a try. So I did explore that site and eventually signed up.

My friend's application was accepted within 24 hours but mine being not much of a traffic generator was approved within 3 days. Not to bad, at least Bloggerwave gave me my first opportunity to finally earn online while I continue with my regular blogging routine. Now this should be the kick-off of it all.

To all other friends who have the interest in earning online, why not explore the site and sign up so you could start earn your own bucks as well? Christmas is not that far from now, we could buy gifts out of what we could earn. Plunge in!


Bill Bilig said...

I actually registered here when I read your post and got my blog approved. I'm still wondering though how they will send you your money, I've been looking for any info on their site but can't find it.

Thanks for voting for me in KK's contest and for adding me to your links. I have added you to my blog din. thanks again.

Jane said...

Hi Bill, yayks, I didn't realize there's no any article about how one gets paid in this site until you asked. The thing I remember is that when I signed up, one of the info required is to key in the paypal email add so I thought right away that bloggers are get paid thru paypal. I already sent an email to bloggerwave to us more enlightenment on how we get paid.
BTW, I've also signed up in PPP - if you have a plan to sign up to, please let me know - we could use the recommendation process - you know - isu ka pay nga maurnong ko then you can do the same. :)

No problem for the vote. Thanks as well for adding me in your blogroll, my pleasure :)

Lovelyn, if you're interested in PPP, let's use the recommendation badge wen?

lovelyn said...

Ay ewan, I like to be paid for what I'm doing but I'm not making a move. Just to sign-up man lang e di ko magawa. I don't know, maybe I need some more time.

Go, go, go Jane! Para may mautangan aketch hehehe.....

Jane said...

lovelyn, i'd say take your time.just keep on writing.

Bill Bilig said...

Actually, I've already signed up with PPP but didn't realize that your friend will get paid if he/she recommended you. Eh, ang ginawa ko was just to sign up kaya sayang walang nag-benefit sa aking pag-sign up.

Thanks for asking about the payment at blogger wave :-)

Jane said...

tsk, sayang Bill! isu pay kuma, hahaha. So, has your blog been approved in the PPP marketplace already? mine's not yet :(
Yayks that bloggerwave, i start to wonder if it's real. haven't heard anything back from them yet. PPP's a lot better I think. They replied to my queries within 24 hours.

Bill Bilig said...

owen met piman inaproban da. i've already done some ppp posts. some were approved but the other posts i wrote are still waiting to be approved, it takes them forever to approve a post hehe.

i think i made around $50 already with ppp, my problem is how to get that money because there is no full paypal service sa pinas.

have you tried,

Jane said...

i took a look at the site you mentioned and took the courage to sign up. unfortunately, my traffic stats is not that high so I opted to retract my blog application. anyhoo, it mentioned that I can get back some time (months or year) from now until I get a good stat.