Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nice places to visit in Taiwan - 1st of a series

I was organizing our pictures when I realized I haven't really said much about Taiwan and the nice places in here so I thought of putting all these pictures together to show you the few places we have visited in our stay here. (i.e. aside from those already posted earlier).
The pictures are posted in this multiply album.
1. Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf - this is one of the tourist spots here in Tamsui where you would see a lot of people during the weekends esp. during the summer season. It's one bus ride (~10 to 15 mins) away from the MRT station
2. Tamsui River Park - our frequently visited place as it is very near to our place. It's right at the side of the MRT station. Like the Fisherman's Wharf, this place is jampacked during the weekends. There's really nothing much to see here but there are many and different kinds of food sold in the stalls by the riverside.
3. Taipei 101 - it used to be the highest building in the world. It is located right at the heart of Taipei City. We have to take an MRT right to Taipei main station and transfer to the blue line. We either take a walk to get to the place or take the free bus ride. We've been here several times already that it doesn't facinate me that much anymore. There are shopping centers inside but my, stuffs are very very expensive - all branded...
I've been on top (via the world's fastest elevator as it is claimed) once, lucky to have dined out with our customers and had a free ticket to get to the top. Entrance fee is quite expensive huh!
4. The Grand Hotel in Jiantan - we used to see the place from the MRT then we got the chance to get to the place when we had our company's year end party last year. I love the architecture of the building. I wonder how the hotel rooms look like.
5. National Palace Museum - one bus ride away from Shilin MRT station. We've been there twice already. The displays are changed every 3 or 6 months - that was at the time when the place was under renovation. I'm not quite sure how it is now. You'll be amazed at how the people preserved their culture. There's a coffeeshop in the place and there's a small nice park next to it (10NTD entrance fee, not bad!)
6. Guandu bridge - just a bridge but is famous though. The night shots I've seen are spectacular. The bridge is lit at night (blue and red I think). To get a good shot, you've got to know where to position yourself. Can't just take if from Guandu MRT station...

Excess: I've added some images of the common night market street foods and some shots in one of the pinoy meeting place in Zhongshan Pei Lou (Zhongshan North Road)


Bill Bilig said...

Hi, dropping by from the boondocks. Found you through Lovelyn's blog.

It's nice to read about this even though there's no chance I will ever be in Taiwan. How fast is the elevator? Wouldn't it be scary if it is really fast? :-)

Jane said...

Hi Bill, thanks for dropping by and even more, for leaving a comment.
The elevator can take you up at a speed of 1,010 meters per minute (about 60 km/h), or down a little bit slower at only 600 meters per minute (about 36 km/h). It only takes 39secs to get to the indoor observatory which is located at the 89th floor.
At first, I thought it's scary but then when you're inside the elevator, you wouldn't feel anything unusual, not even the pressure in the ears.BTW, the elevator is made by Toshiba. :)