Thursday, October 25, 2007


Contemplating over the non-approval of my blog in the marketplace after two weeks of being in queue, I decided to retract my application in PPP and in the other two blog paying sites I signed up at. I felt sad that I did this after all the excitement I even shared here but I think it's not the right time for me to get into this kind of thing. Two of the sites I signed up are very particular with the blog's stat to which I really don't have a good one yet. Guess, I have to earn more traffic first then renew my applications on these post paying sites. I should have thought about this in the first place - but didn't I? I did? Yes, I did! Anyway, these sites won't go away. Need to work more on the stats, huh!

Lesson learned - don't just plunge in into something not really thought about. But hey, I knew this even before. Ah, the silly me's here again.


Bill Bilig said...

I think mabagal lang talaga sa PPP so I hope you did not retract your application. I can't also remember how long it took them to approve my blog. I forgot about it but then they emailed me na okay na. Cheers :-)

Jane said...

Bill, thanks for the advise. Anyway, my PPP account's still active so I can re-apply anytime.By that time, I could get approval in 24hours span. lol. agraraman, hahaha. Just kidding.

lovelyn said...

Yes you can Jane. You never know.

At least you tried applying. Thats "will" power and most success, if not all, started from that.

mari said...

don't lose hope :) i was in the same status then. what i did lang was i got out of my lurker mode and started linking with other blogs. helpful sya mare kahit to gain visitors lang muna. kasi if they will like what you are writing, babalik at babalik sila. you opened your blog longer pa nga than me eh. kaya i know you'll be approved soon :)
kaya natin to!

Jane said...

Lovelyn, thanks for the push :)
Mari, thanks for the visit. That's one count added to the stats, LOL. I saw that as one tip actually. :) I guess that's one thing I'll be doing. Cheers.