Thursday, October 25, 2007

Addicted to blogging

One of my friends way back highschool, Hannah, worked around this CMA logo for our group Joseans_92 and eventually, it has been grabbed by the group members and has been posted in their own blogs attesting their "addiction" to blogging in multiply. It has been for several months now but I never really thought of grabbing it for myself as I thought I'm not a blog addict, just a blog regular.

Today, I came across a blog that posted a means of measuring how addicted one is on blogging. Finding it interesting and knowing that I have blogged most of the time recently drove me to check my level of blog addiction and to my surprise, I am just 67% addicted. I expected to get higher rating but then if I get that, it would mean that I am not really doing anything at work anymore except to blog meaning - posting in my site, visiting the links in my blogroll, leaving comments here and there and hopping from one blog to the other. And yes, I really do that.

I think getting 67% and putting the CMA logo in my blog do not call for rehab yet so I can still go on with my regular blogging activities. On second thought, I wonder what the rehab activities will be if I hit 100% blog addiction. Nah, rehab for me simply means locking myself out from the internet and spending all my time with my daughter.

Now, how about you check your own level of blog addiction and see if your rating is really matches your blogging activities? I found this fun so I thought of passing it on from here.

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