Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rapid weather change

From a high of 29degC to a low of 18degC – weather here seemed to change from summer straight to winter and no autumn in between. After the typhoon left the country two weekends ago, temperature was still fine, then it started to get cold yet still manageable. We still had the aircon turned on for a night but on the following evening, arriving late from a night call, I felt that the cold breeze has gotten into our apartment and air from a fan should suffice, and yes indeed. The following days were pretty same – letting us enjoy the balanced weather – cool air and no scorching sun heat. Then it started to get dark as early as 6pm and leaving the office at 5:40pm didn’t give us the chance to reach home before sunset anymore. Rain and wind started to come along together that our cheap umbrellas were of no use. Last Saturday, the weather was still great – no rain, not so cold, sun’s ok – which enabled us to go around Taipei City. But on Sunday, the change was so significant that we could feel the chills that came along with the rain in the early morning. That left me going out to town alone while hubs and Jade stayed at home. Sunday night was quite colder than the earlier evenings that waking up for a new headstart on Monday was one of the most difficult things to do. I ended up going to work late as I decided to sleep with Jade til 8am. Last night, no fans were used, the window next to our bed was closed and we had our own blankets. The little girl who used to shrug off the blankets gave in when I told her it’s cold. She had to wear a light jacket when she woke up today – and I didn’t see any single sweat from her which meant she really felt cold, an unusual thing because she’s the kind who sweats even when everyone else are in thick jackets. It was drizzling outside. Bbbrrr…what a sudden change! We have yet to enjoy the desirable temperature – not so hot, not so cold – but the weather bureau forecasts show that it will be cold this whole week. All I hope is that this weekend will still be suitable for an outdoor fun.


lovelyn said...

Crazy weather as you've said before! Everybody's getting sick here the second time around. Last week of September, it started to get cold and almost all had a flu. Then the next week became hot and now cold again.

Kainis cause the kids suffer the most.

Jane said...

i should say this is a follow up to the earlier post :) i scheduled this weekend to fix our clothings to keep the summer clothes and bring out the winter clothes but one of our friends told me the weather's gonna change soon - it'll not get colder but it will get warm again.so i'll leave those clothings as is first and will just pull out the jackets when needed. let's make sure our bodies can handle these changes.yeah, kids are very susceptible to the viruses.keep the vitamins going if they're having it.