Friday, October 12, 2007

Earning Online

I once ran into a site that advertised a pay per post blog. I explored it for a while but one of the first questions that was raised by my curious mind is "does it really work, do people really get paid for their posts?" Definitely, to get the fee, one must provide an account number most probably a credit card account. It is risky, isn't it? There have been a lot of scams and it's hard for me to convince myself to go for the PPP thing.

This morning, one of my usual online e-chat friends told me about her friend earning few bucks from being a member of the PPP for almost a month now. You'd know my initial reaction - really??? Is it really real that she's started to get something back from it? The answer is "yes" and she can attest to that because her friend is using her paypal-SG account (PPP didn't acknowledge the paypal-Phils). Now, I started to be more curious so I asked her to send me her friend's blog URL and there I went exploring it and saw the link to PPP. Once again, I went into the site and learned more about it. It says you get paid for blogging something of your interest. So I thought, aha, anything under the sun will do. Then I went on searching one link to the other and one interesting I found out is that one can advertise one's self and get paid even more. Aha, nice idea huh! Now, what can one do to get more bucks? Offer to write something for someone - say, a product promotion or an ad. Hhhmmnn...

I went back to talk to my friend about it and mentioned that I may not have the knack of writing anymore. But then, on second thought, you really don't have to be a professional writer to come up with a piece, right? As long as you have a subject and you know how to present it - you already have the tools. Now, here's another catch. I learned from my friend that the bucks do not end in the paypal account as it needs to be linked to a bank account for ease of withdrawal - something she hasn't done yet. Do I need to wait and see how it finally works when my friend's friend is able to get the actual cash? I'd say maybe NO - I could start to give it a try so PPP can start to accumulate my posts. Note: the post needs to be submitted to PPP for review and approval before one gets paid. I don't have any question for this. What I plan to do now is to organize my blog posts, create another blog suitable for PPP, export my chosen blog posts and sign up for a PPP account. You may ask why do I need to create a separate blog - because I don't want my current blog sites to be flooded with even more advertisements. I noticed that the PPP members' blogs have a lot of ads popping in their sites - that's where the bucks are coming from.

Not a bad idea, err???

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