Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Office rant 3...

My colleague (let’s call her MC) and I (JM) were preparing our chopsticks for lunch today when…

Girl 1: Hey, MC, aren’t you going to the eng’g lab for lunch?

MC: Why? No, we’re going to the cafeteria.

Girl 1: Wait, girl 2 sent an email to everyone saying we all go together to the lab because packed lunched from outside will be served to the group.

MC: Huh! Really? What’s the occasion?

Girl 1: Wait, wait, wait …

(girl 1 looks at her email)

Girl 1: Sorry, sorry, I realized you’re not in the email chain

PS: Above conversation was in Chinese


On our way to the wash area:

MC: Girl 1 said … (related the above conversation to me)

JM: They always do that to us, that girl 2… she always leave us out of the list

MC: But why? She can do a mistake once, twice or thrice but not more than three times

JM: Maybe she intentionally does that – get rid of us

MC: But I still can’t understand

JM: You know, everytime I asked hubby why we’re not included, he tells me it’s time for us to move to that place so girl 2 will feel our presence…

- but then, I think, it won’t make a difference

- You know what, somebody from the group should somehow be curious why we’re not around, don’t you think?

MC: Yes, somebody should fight for us… pauses

JM and MC: But nobody seems to look for us…


We headed down to the cafeteria and while queueing…

MC: I don’t feel bad because we don’t have the lunch box but I feel bad being not included in the chain. You see, they even included girl 1 (not a part of the group anymore) and the other lady whom we don’t even know

JM: Girl 2 also invited one of the girls downstairs before

MC turns back to our two other lunch buddies and told them what we were ranting about. Feeling for us, the other girl said we’d order our own drinks then. And MC blurted out “Yes, I’ll order drinks for everyone except her.”

MC: But that will be too obvious already


While we were eating our meals, we talked further:

JM: Who’s birthday is it today?

MC: I don’t know – I’m not sure – it could be the same guy who bought the 85degC drinks yesterday

JM: You mean the new guy

MC: No, should be from the other group

JM: Ah ok.


We finished our meal and as a final comment to our sentiments over not being invited to our group’s lunch-together, I looked at my platter and uttered – we got better meal than what they have in their lunchboxes!





lovelyn said...

Its obvious that you're an asset to your company. When biatches do their biatchness, it means you're a threat to them.

Jane said...

Hahaha,is that how you look at it from here? I'd say I used to be an asset, unfortunately now, nobody's paying attention to it. Time to move on, ain't it?
Hey, I can be a bitch too. LOL.