Friday, October 12, 2007

double ten day

Double ten is the so called Taiwan's birthday - went to Taipei City to catch the ceremony but not so lucky - just saw bunch of policemen ready with their armors just in case of a riot. We went to the Palace but only saw the flags by the street. Jade got her own miniature flag which she attempted to wipe the sidewalk with. Her dad stopped her with a statement of "there could be war if somebody sees you do that!" Nah, that didn't stop her of course. Does her dad think she understands it anyway? We ended up having a not so early lunch in a nearby Thai restaurant. Food was quite satisfactory. Asked hubby what the occasion is, he simply said Taiwan's holiday - like Independence Day. I simply stared at him and asked "that only?" and he told me back "I know." I wonder if he really knew that we meant to go out not to celebrate Double Ten day but to celebrity our anniversary as the main reason.Seven years and we ended up still together...

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