Saturday, October 13, 2007

Synchronizing my two blogs

Since I wanted to maintain my two blog sites, I hoped to come up with a common template, if not, something close to that. I am not good in CSS and wanting to keep my Page 102 home template, I explored into the different template options in Page 101 home. I came across the minima stretchy template and found the format to be close to to Page 102. Luckily, there's a very user friendly means of editing it further by not getting into the html code but by simply choosing the actual colors and fonts I wanted. I even asked hubby to check if the colors in my two pages now match each other. I had to choose this and that to eventually come up with the correct colors. My Page 101 edited template turned out just right except for the missing image on top of it. I had to make several trial and error in the html code and when I almost gave up, I saw in the dashboard option than I can actually add a photo into my page element. I tried but then I had the image posted on the side instead of on the header. Then exploring further, I figured out that in the header page element, a photo can also be directly added. I gave it a try and tada - I got what I wanted. I borrowed the background image from my multiply template and of course, I want to pay my tribute to multiply for that. Further to adding the image, I did some more twists and turns in the html code to come up with my formatting preferences. Now, I have both not really looking exactly the same but I can say, they are really that close. Check it out yourselves and let me know what you think.

Page 101 is here while Page 102 is here.


lovelyn said...

They look like twins.

Thanks for this post, Ma-try nga rin.

Quite hard if your background in computer is not that enough like yours truly. I need to rely on so much reading which I'm lazy to do when there are blogs to read hehehe....

Like there's RSS fed, upgrading and all before your blog will be on it's best.

BTW, copy and paste this site: and click the forums. The administrator of Tublay's site has to update it, kababaen. Kindly inform your mom or your sisters about it.

lovelyn said...

Jane, how were you able to stretch the text of your entries? I mean your entry occupied almost all the space while mine, the paragraph stayed on the right column

Jane said...

lovelyn, thanks for the really don't have to know that much, can work around the "trial and error" method :)
i am using the "minima stretch lefty" template. there's another one named "minima stretch". i worked around the rest of the layout elements using the "fonts and colors" option in the layout setting. this will automatically update the html code.

re-forum pix, yayks, i opened it here at work this am and gosh, good thing there's no one around me that time. i closed my browser so quickly and cleared my not sure if mama will understand and if she knows whom to tell it but i'll mention it to her anyway when i get to call home this weekend.