Saturday, September 15, 2007

Two years + in blogging

I realized I've been posting several journals online for more than 2 years now. I officially started blogging on May of 2005. That was when I belonged to the jobless world and trying to work on getting a dependent visa for me to be able to be with Dennis in Taiwan. We moved to a new apartment and applied for an internet connection to have something to keep me busy while I stay home. I wasn't granted the desired visa but luckily one of the pinoys working in the project management department decided to pursue a better career somewhere so I eventually got a working visa on September that year but I was able to get back to Taiwan with a tourist visa on August. Since I didn't have a continuous internet access, blogging was set aside until after I was back to Taiwan. I made several attempts to improve my web blog but accidentally ended up with a lost one for reasons I was not able to figure out. Maybe the Chinese characters I selected meant "delete this blog". There were only few entries then but it would have been nice to have kept them til now. Anyway, I had to start all over again.

It's nice to revisit those that I have recorded earlier as they are able bring back memories of the happier days or any particular emotion that were apparent those journals were written. I really don't know til when this will go on but as far as I am concerned, I'll just keep on going. BTW, even if I moved to multiply, I still maintain my blogger site, my original web abode.

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