Saturday, September 29, 2007

The famous "tambay" visited me ... (in my multiply abode)

I regularly check who's visiting my site and BTW, thanks to you dear friends who are sparing me your time reading my blog and looking at the pictures I posted.

When I added a link to the famous tambay's blogsite, I saw that he came in to visit me. Whoa! I think I was actually grinning when I saw a Batjay in my visitors' list. I am privileged. Though he just actually checked on my link to his site, maybe to see that I described it well, I am still glad he did. It meant to me that he cared about those bloggers promoting his blogsite, which by the way was chosen as 2007's best OFW blog.

Don't you worry Batjay, I will continue to promote your site. :)

PS. I wonder how he came to know that I added his website on my link's list .....


lovelyn said...

Maybe with blog counters Jane.
It appears whose sites linked you. For sure her site was upgraded or sponsored by Wordpress, Google Analytics or what ever.

jolana said...

He's using wordpress too (like us)...and one of its nice features is it lists all the sites linking to our blog. Cool, ei?

jane said...

thanks for the info ladies. i might give wordpress some exploration later :)