Friday, September 14, 2007

Office rant 2...

The following phone conversation is based on a real scenario though the lines are modified so as not to disclose "confidential" information. It took place this morning. I was the one who initiated the call.

me: Hi (girl), did you see my email? Could you please get back to me on the information I asked?

girl: I can't find it.

me: Shouldn't you have a system where you can track it from?

girl: yes we do but i can't find it

me: but (boy) said he already generated it some time ago (around one month ago I think)

girl: let me ask from him. here he is now. i'll pass the phone

me: how come girl can't find the info in the system. you told the team you have already generated it.

boy: i can't find it either.

me: how come?

boy: let me check. i am opening my system now. (pause) i don't think i generated it.

me: what? why? didn't you tell us before you have it already

boy: yes, but i think i made a mistake on that

me: huh!

boy: i also checked from (another boy) and he told me he didn't receive it yet

me: huh! (eyebrows raised) (pause).. hey boy, how come you're telling me this now? we had daily meetings and you confirmed you already provided the info. we even argued with the other boy telling him you confirmed. because you did confidently confirmed back to us several times (strong emphasis on "confidently confirmed")

boy: i think i got things mixed up (or something like that)

me: what??? (again...) hei, didn't you know that we had daily meetings because of you. do you mean you were lying to us the whole time???

boy: perhaps you can say that!

me: (very very surprised, disappointed, almost disoriented already as in duh!)...whoa! so you admit all these time you have lied to us? .....

boy: (i forgot what he said this time because I got disoriented by his earlier response )

me: what's wrong with you? how many times have you told us lies? (pause)

(long pause)

me: I will emphasize to you, you have lied to us. ( I really don't want to believe what I heard earlier again)... ( I had to calm down) ok, just give me what I need and I need it now. (deep sigh... phone bye bye or thanks (what should I thank him for anyway, for his lies???)

minutes later, my colleague/friend reacted. " I thought you were talking the the other department because of this reason but when I heard you mention the name of the boy, I knew what it was. You sounded like a mother... (bwahahahahaha)

I shed some tears because of my great disappointment from that phone conversation. Could you imagine working with somebody who after all, is eventually telling you lies? I shouldn't be more surprise that he's done a lot of lies to his external contacts...pish na ketdi.

I got another call this afternoon, not from the "boy" but from somebody the boy approached looking for some reports. He asked me for some information (not related to the conversation). I just told him "let the boy figure out by himself" and whispered "he's a liar".

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