Friday, September 21, 2007

Revisiting Sanzhi Beach

We first went to Sanzhi beach sometime on April 2007. We thought it would be nice to get back there again especially with Jade now walking so she could enjoy the beachside. The weather is nice anyway. So we decided to go their on the afternoon of September 1st. More people are on the beachside as compared to our 1st visit. One of the 1st things we did was of course to take pictures. Then as we went nearer to the waters, we tried to put Jade down on the sand with her shoes removed to see if she could now stand the texture of the sand because she dreaded it on our 1st visit. I put her down slowly so she wouldn’t panic. I thought she would love it but then I realized the change in her facial expression – ah the same thing as before. So I carried her back and let her feel the sand with her hands instead. She didn’t resist, she even offered her other hand and reach to the sand herself. But when I tried to put her down again, she didn’t like. Fearing that she would cry out louder, I opted not to force her. We went to the waters and all she did was to stare on the waves with a grin. She even moved to a position where she attempted to reach to the waters with her hands. Then we decided to try to put her down. She likes the combination of the water and the sand and we saw how happy she was. Toddlers just love water. But then, when the waves were gone, she was left standing on the sand. She realized that and so she started to show a panicky expression on her face. We just ignored it since the waves will be hitting back in a little while. In her attempt to move and walk towards us; she fell to a sitting position, just in time when the waves hit back her place. Oh how she loved it. We left her enjoying that moment; we brought extra diapers and clothes anyway. I handed her the small ball that we also brought and we watched her play. We let her have her own moment in the waters for around 10 minutes. We could have left her longer but I worried that the sand will get into her soaked diapers. So we took her out and changed her wet clothings as soon as we were out from the water. The sand indeed went into her diapers so we headed to the wash area to clean her up. Good thing she didn’t resist otherwise, we could have put her back in the waters and she would end up really soaked.

After leaving the waters, we took a walk and headed to the coffeshops and only then did we realize how many coffeeshops there were on that area. And the ambience of the coffeeshops all looked appealing to us. We decided to go to the shop called “Bossa Nova”. We didn’t find a suitable seat so the waiter suggested that we transfer to their extension shop. I ordered for a cup of coffee and waffle while Dennis ordered for a Heineken ice spin which was served in a really huge glass. When I got my order, I was served chocolate cake instead but since the waitress didn’t speak English, I just took it, Jade enjoyed it anyway. But when I saw the waiter, I told him I got chocolate cake instead of waffle and he insisted he asked for waffle. He checked on the receipt and realized chocolate cake is on the list so he offered to still get me a waffle and would just leave the chocolate cake for free.

It was already dark when we got out of the shop and we had to walk for 10-15minutes to get to the nearest bus stop. We all ended up happy from our Saturday’s family outing. More of our pictures can be found here.

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