Thursday, September 20, 2007

The new pajama set and an attempted baby powder modelling pictorial huh!

As I am still cross-posting between multiply and blogger, I thought of posting this entry as a blog instead of simply posting the photos in the album so my blogger friends can also see it.I'll just link the picture set to my multiply album. Yeah!

On the night of September 13, Jade dressed up for the night using the new pajama set that her Tita Lai, 1st babysitter, gave her when we met then in Riiz's birthday party a day earlier. With excitement, I hand-washed it right away so Jade can use it the following night. It fitted her well but with the belly exposed if the pants is not pulled up to cover it. She looks pretty cute on it anyway.

After dressing up, the usual me took the camera and started to shoot her. After several shoots, she picked up the baby powder I left in the bed and started to imitate the way I & her Tita Rosie, present babysitter, applied the powder on her. With so much fun, she attempted to put powder on her neck, chest and yes, even on her head. Hahaha. I took a shot of every actions she did and it appeared that she had her own baby powder modelling pictorial session. Hhmmmnnn, could she be a potential model?

Here are my favorite shoots while more can be seen in my photo album. Please click here.

powdering her neck

not sure if she's to apply it on her neck this time

wanting to put powder on her head as well

serious attempt to put powder in her chest, down the pajama tops


lovelyn said...

Yup, she's the perfect model for that PJ and the powder too! San ba nagmana?

Jane said...

Definitely not from me dear. She probably got it from her Ate Alex, my eldest nephew. :)