Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Accidental long weekend

What a way to start my week... Monday sickness hit me. I still had a hang-over from our Saturday's outing. Both my mind and body were not willing to get out of bed. The alarm was set at 7:00am but when it rang in the morning, I just pressed the snooze button until after 3 rings, I called on Dennis to wake up and told him I'll take a half day off. I really thought of going to work after lunch but realizing that it was already 9:30am when I totally woke up, I eventually decided to file for a leave. I really had body pains anyway although part of the reason is plain laziness. For one, I have nothing to look forward to at work, because I really don't think there is something for me to do on a Monday except to attend a long dragging project review meeting for 2 hours in the afternoon. Bad me, I should be guilty for getting paid by doing nothing...

Anyway, Jade woke up few minutes after I got off from bed to attend to her nanny's phone call. I served her breakfast at 10am and called back Ate Rosie to tell her I'll bring Jade down before lunch. I decided to leave her for a while for me to get some rest and have time to tidy up the house. We went down past 11am and when I left her, she may have thought it's still a weekend so she hesitated to stay with her Tita. To calm her, I asked Ate Rosie to give her a bath so I headed back while they were on their way to the bath. I borrowed the vacuum cleaner for ease of cleaning.

It was my first time to use a vacuum cleaner and I had fun :) I had to maximize my time with Jade on the other house. After vacuuming the house, I washed the shoes Jade has grown up. There were 4 pairs this time and are about to be added in the “hand me down” collection. I felt my stomach churn, I checked my watch, twas already almost 2pm and I didn't have lunch yet. I just got back to the washing sink when the phone rang. Ate Rosie called to check if I already had lunch, told her I'll have it later. There's still the left over nilagang baboy in the ref. Ate asked if I liked tinola for lunch, I initially turned it down but when she said she added papaya and topped it with ampalaya leaves, I eventually said yes noting that I could dip the dish in chili sauce. She asked me to bring rice as what she has may not be enough. I took a quick bath after finishing the shoes and rushed down with my legs starting to shake because of hunger. She heated the dish for me while I prepared the sili. Jade was already asleep so we stayed in the sala with me seated on a small stool. Since Ate already had her lunch, the remaining tinola was all for me which I consumed with all delight. The native blood in me led to one foot folded up in the stool as a sign of dish enjoyment. The rest of the day was spent in 'te Rosie's house.

While I was putting Jade to sleep that night, the phone rang. It was ate who called to tell us that the government has announced Tuesday to be a non-working day because typhoon Wipha will be at its peak in Taiwan's northern counties that day. Whoa, another day spared from work! I still had to set my alarm at 7am as I need to prepare my daughter's breakfast.

Today, I snoozed the alarm once only otherwise, Jade's going to end up with commercial breakfast which we avoid as much as possible. Bottled meals are just for the weekend travels if home-cooked porridge is not available. The wind was really strong. It must have been cold but since we can't open our windows, we had to turn the air conditioning on as we already see Jade perspiring as usual. We just stayed home working on some food to eat and playing with Jade. She had her mommy syndrome again even when I was only at the kitchen preparing juice while they were on the room. I had to keep her away otherwise she will insist being carried while I work. She cried aloud trying to peep down our bedroom door's opening looking for me. I decided to leave her with Dennis in the afternoon so they could also have their own time to bond because if I am around, she always cling to me. I called Ate Rosie and asked if I can stay in her place for a while. After giving her lunch, I left them. I heard her cry while I headed for the elevator. It is better for her to see me leave the house so she would stop looking for me than escape without saying goodbye to her as she would end up crying the whole time thinking I am somewhere hiding. Down at Ate's house, I attempted to write down my day's blog entry while she watches TV but we eventually ended up exchanging stories. We had coffee at 4:45pm. I checked on the father-daughter tandem and was glad to know they were ok. She didn't look for me. They were dancing when I called. I should have headed back upstairs at 5pm but then the usual tsika extensions happened again which made me reach home 10 minutes before 6pm. Back here, I was told Jade had a bottle of milk, ate 2 packs of rice crackers and consumed the banana shake I made before I left. Whew, her stomach was really big so dinner was served at 7pm some minutes past after we took a shower together. She happily consumed her meal while watching Teletubies from time to time. While I was again preparing our calamansi-honey juice, she started to whine and insisted to be carried as usual. Dennis had to place her so near to me watching what I was doing. At 7:30pm, she started to show she's sleepy but noting that it's still quite early, I delayed putting her to sleep for 30minutes. She eventually dozed of a little past 8pm after she consumed another bottle of milk. Obviously, I ended up in the computer for this while hubby is watching a movie in a certain cable channel. Later, I'll drink a cup of juice or milk whatever is preferable and set the alarm at 7am once again. Tomorrow, I will have to get back to the usual working environment. Ah, 3 days workweek is nice. I look forward to the coming weekends that is another 4-day weekend due to the moon festival festivities. We'll be reporting for working on the next Saturday though. Anyhow, it would still be a long weekend.



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