Friday, November 30, 2007

Eyes on Barney

Seldom does Jade pay attention to TV shows. She’d ask for the television to be turned on, watches local cartoons or DVDs for few minutes and turn away from it to get back to play. But not until she came to love the Barney series we got on a CD bought back home. She can stand to watch one whole 30-minutes series without any interruption. She’d join the kids singing and dancing. She loved the “bunny hop hop hop” thing from the “animal friends’ series”. She’d even run towards the TV screen in an attempt to join the kids hugging Barney. One of the things she learned from it that we love is to kiss and hug mom and dad when she hears the “I love you” song.

One time, in a scene where the camera focus was shifted from Barney to the kids, somewhat getting him out from the picture, Jade cried out to look for him and even searched the side of the screen in an attempt to find Barney there. Dennis was the one who noticed it. Then when Barney showed back; she smiled and cheered. At times when our phone rings that required us to tone down the volume or to interrupt the show to hear the other line, she would protest with a cry. She’s learning words, actions and good stuffs from the Barney shows so we’re not stopping her to watch unless it gets to disrupt her eating habits.

Jade would sit watching for a while but when the singing and dancing start,

she'd leave her seat and join the fun


noeds said...

Indeed Barney is love by a lot of kids.My son Roldan was one of them when he was 8mos.My sister send me one CD of Barney.He was captivated,haha.He will eat a lot if he will watch that show.What I did is,I ordered some more.

lovelyn said...

Jade rules the TV ei Jane?

Its Teletubbies for my tot and his big brother loves it too.
Though, its been a week now that TV is off when we're eating. So with merienda or most of the time if possible.

I tagged you pala, go check it out for the rules. Thanks!

Jane said...

noeds, at 8 months, jade didn't have that much interest on any tv shows yet, she was more interested on books :) as much as possible, i don't want her to eat infront of the tv but there are just days i couldn't help but say "ok".
lovelyn, we got teletubbies too but she doesn't pay much attention to it anymore.even the "dora the explorer" cd's are seldom played.
re:TV while eating, I hope to be able to strictly do away from it.
I'll work on the tag soon :) thanks!

Hannah said...

I couldn't help but think back when I was young and recall which TV show had a big influence on me. I think it was Sesame Street and then Voltes V later on. lol No wonder I loved Voltron, too. I still do!

Bill Bilig said...

One of my nephews, who's now on his teens, loved Barney when he was a kid. I guess he's like Jade in that everytime it is on TV he'll really be into it. Good thing that it is really a good program.

jane said...

hannah, thanks for dropping by. sesame street was more of dennis'.i grew up deprived (?) from television and we (my siblings and I) only get the chance to watch the afternoon shows like shaider in our neighbor's house.i'd say we were more on "dramas" from DZWX, LOL.
bill, yeah, good thing Barney is a good program kids can really learn from. hubby and I also watch with Jade and he shares the same excitement as the daughter most of the times. there are times that he'll just keep the CD running but he'll turn off the monitor, I asked him why not just turn it off completely and he told me he liked to just hear it because the medleys are pleasing to the ear. i do the same thing too now. :)

Bill Bilig said...

Out of topic: Not sure if you do memes but I tagged you to do the birth month meme. Hope its okay :-)