Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ninety Five

Wow, who would have thought of blogging at the age of 95?

I bumped into this site while surfing the net and I thought I'd have it shared in my blog. I am actually surprised to learn that a "lola" is blogging HERE. It made me ask myself - "will I reach that age?" and "would I be blogging if I were her?"


Bill Bilig said...

hey, that's a cool lola. i guess that's one of the beauty of blogger/blogspot because it makes it easy for us non-techie people to blog kahit wala tayo masyadong alam tungkol sa html, etc.

i'm not sure whether i can continue blogging till i'm 95 :-)

mari said...

i'd love to blog even at the age of 95... but will i reach that age pa kaya?

nwei, sis try smorty. its easier to join daw compared sa PPP :) sign ka under ko ha :p

Jane said...

hi bill,i agree with you.i actually apply trial and error method on the codes,good thing there are "preview" and "clear edits" options.

hi mari,same question here, but maybe if i reach that age,i'd ask my grandchildren to write for me & smorty, i'll get into that soon gayyem.suddenly,i don't have much time blogging. :)

TruBlue said...

Great for her! With all her followers from all over the world especially the hispanic community.
Hoping that 10 years from now, as the minimum, that we will also be here chit-chatting with one another. Then, we will discuss another 10 years god willing, and another decade. It would be great.
Well, something to look forward too. Cheers and goodhealth.

Jane said...

hei trublue, that's really something to look forward to. It'll be nice keeping the online communication as long as we have the tools/access. Cheers too!