Friday, November 23, 2007

Image upload issue in blogger - still an open bug!

I published my post “Basil and seafoods” on Sunday night and all images showed up well until the next day. However when I checked on the new comments come Tuesday, I noticed that only the “boxes with small x marks” were visible. I double checked it by clicking the refresh button several times but to my dismay, I didn’t see the pictures of basil and seafoods. As it was my third time to publish/re-publish that post, I no longer attempted to re-upload the images. I checked on the html codes and didn’t see anything unusual so what I did was to copy and paste the picture’s code in a new post to see if they appear but I didn’t succeed.

I searched blogger’s help sites but couldn’t find any related topics so I decided to report this issue to the related contacts by filling up the form. If anyone of you encountered this, please let me know if you have a fix.

On the other hand, I browsed the forum in google that discussed the image issues in blogger and bumped into this.

We are aware and currently working to fix the image uploading issue. This issue predominately causes the following error codes:

For updates and discussion of this issue, please visit this Hot Topic thread in the Blogger Help Group. — LATEST UPDATE ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2007
LABELS: images, outstanding

It reminded me of the same messages I seldom encountered when uploading images in my posts. I didn’t pay much attention on it then because re-uploading the images shortly after getting the error message worked for me. But the thing that struck me is that this issue has been detected and raised to blogger admin more than a month ago and a blogger employee said on October that a fix is imminent but I figured that issue still exists until now. There are users complaining but a fix doesn’t seem to be found yet.

Added to that, I still didn’t get any feedback on the complaint/concern I raised. I hope blogger admin can work on these problems as soon as possible.

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