Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When it rains

it pours… so don’t forget your umbrella! – quotable quote from my friend, Sheng.

I am taking a few minutes break from work and that break to me means scribbling down this post – I’ll take another break later to get a cup of hot drink from the cafeteria. Hay, I’ve been very busy since last week and my “system” is doing a total adjustment. It has been six months since the last time I was really busy at work. Wow, that’s two quarters! So what did I do all this time? Hmmnnn, two months was the official vacation leave while four months was spent at work but not really doing much. I even had to talk to my boss several times to ask for tasks to do. He did gave me some but weren’t that much to eat up the whole office hours so I still had chances to surf the net and update my blog/s.

Now that I am starting with a new project, I find it quite strange to see myself busy. But this is not even comparable to how busy I was for the past two years when even at the peak of my pregnancy, I got to work until 1am. Yes, I worked on more than 5 major projects by myself – that meant staying late at work almost everyday as I needed to collate and edit reports, update emails, generate my own reports, attend night telecons and do other things I shouldn’t really be responsible of. Good thing my Jade didn’t decide to come out while I was on a meeting.

If somebody gets back to me like this - I'm might not be able to control my temper and give him/her a punch (not the drinks, ok :) ).

I should be able to shrug off this kind of “new” working scheme yet I have to welcome the delight of not having to worry about overcoming a day-long or even worse, a week-long boredom that results from being idled. Gotta get that cup of drink now and finish my “to do’s” else I’ll end up dumped with more of it.

PS. I got several posts kept in my draft and I’m not sure when they’ll get published. Anyhow, I’ll get back on my regular blogging activities in no time.

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