Friday, November 02, 2007 in the making

Bill from the boondocks won the contest here. More to that, his rival Rachel was also announced as a winner. How very generous the host is for deciding to give these two bloggers their own domains. I liked how Tina wrote about her lessons-learned in one of her posts prior to announcing the winner/s.

Kudos to all participants.

PS. I just checked the soon to be domain and noted that it's already alive


MyGoodfinds said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for:
* dropping by my blog.
* for your announcement.
* for adding me to your blogroll, I shall add you to mine

Take care,

TruBlue said...

Hi Jane, (so awkward calling you by this name, it's my wife's too), yeah, Bill deserves to win and of course Rachel too. Good sportsmanship and lots of support for our kailian.
Nice blog format you got. Btw, I've been to the Industrial City of Kaohshiung years ago on official visit. Remembered staying at the Kennedy Hotel. Kaohshiung is where I really enjoyed milkfish (bangus), other than our own. Cheers and goodhealth.

Jane said...

Hi Tina, thanks for your kind comments. Let's all toast to the outcome of the contest you ran on your site! Thank you also for visiting here and for adding me to your list. See you around.

Hi Trublue,thanks too for dropping by.It's really nice to see the "groupwork" in the contest. Yes, we hear how nice Kaohsiung is and how cheaper it is to live there compared to staying here in Taipei.We've never been there but hopefully, we'll get the chance to before we decide to leave Taiwan.

Bill Bilig said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks so much for voting for my blog and for asking your readers to also vote for me.

I don't think I would have won without your support isunga sala-salamat kailiyan.

I hope those PPP people contacted you already :-)

jane said...

hi bill, you are welcome. we look forward to your new home furnished. :)

PPP - I registered my blog back. I'm pleased at how their support team replied to my queries. Thanks for asking.