Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Clone!

You guessed it right, I am still online at this time of the night! I finally got to publish my two posts that remained in draft for almost two weeks now. I am about to call it a night but I decided to browse some funny videos and found this funny baby video which is the third from a series of "n". I thought this is the same laughing baby but after watching, it made me uncertain now. I guess the popular laughing baby is a boy, the baby on this video is a girl and her dad did this and the other videos.

Definitely, there were effects implemented in this video but I just love it I wanted to share here. I'll show it to Jade tomorrow.


lovelyn said...

LOL...let's try to make a video like this. Like we know how hahaha...

Maybe the parents are professional film or video makers, no?

TruBlue said...

Can only do still pictures video and not of this magnitude. Very impressive, and Lovelyn is right, they (parents) must have a sophisticated video cam. Still love the cat! Da Best so far.

Jane said...

lovely/trublue,it's on the video editing. read all about it here
trublue, ditto, the cat video was really nice. :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously the parents got too much time on their hands LOL