Sunday, November 25, 2007

Birds power

Without much to blog about lately, I turned to searching for cute, funny and animated videos. High rating subjects constantly catch my attention. I find it amazing how people generate such form of entertainments. The embedded video is one of my favorites. I'd say a group shouldn't underestimate the power of an individual.

Video source title: For the birds

After watching this video, I made an assumption that one question that could possibly arise is "why don't birds get electrocuted when they sit on power lines?" Thus, I made an extra effort to refresh my memory and look for a supporting visual.

Illustration: Debrah Solomon

The answer to that question is simply said to be because they are not grounded thus not completing an electric circuit. Unless the birds touch another wire or grounded object, they are safe.


TruBlue said...

Cleverly done. One of these days I'll try to do a "moving video". Most of my videos are "still" and was able to put music of my choice to each. Problem is that, if I decide to make another one, there goes my click, clicking all over the place. It's nightmare sometimes, hehe.....


Jane said...

hei trublue,goodluck to you :) there are several video software out there that you can choose from. good for you to have done the "still videos" already. i gave it a start long time ago but ended up with nothing, LOL.