Friday, December 14, 2007


I am back online. I've been browsing here and there for quick check of latest posts but didn't really get the chance to leave marks on anyone's site as I didn't have the luxury of time. First week of December was quite hectic (huh???) - Somehow work demands were high at that time but on that weekend, we got the chance to take a nature trip in the mountains of Yangming on the first Saturday of the month. The family adventure story will follow soon. We were also able to set up our own Christmas tree (hurray!). However, 2nd Saturday was not a good one (sigh!). We brought Jade to the hospital and stayed there until Tuesday because of AGE (acute gastroenteritis) - details to follow soon too. She had her follow-up checkup this morning and we're glad she's better now and she can get back to her regular diet - that includes full milk strength. Tomorrow, we're set to attend a friend's party in Taipei City so we'll get the chance to go around Taipei 101 once again and see the huge Christmas tree installed somewhere around the Warner Village area before the party.
I have yet to do some quick Christmas shopping for the kids - Jade's friends and our friends' kids. No shopping plan for adults huh ??? I have yet to work on two memes (one from Lovelyn and same meme from Bill and Mari) and blog posts. Also, I saw Lovelyn published her 1st PPP article already, I have yet to work on mine otherwise all opportunities will be lost. Oh well, hang on for my stories everyone. Just wanted to let you know I'm still around.
I'll list my comments to blog friends here:
Lovelyn, belated happy birthday to Dylan! What a nice party! I wish him good health and more blessings.
Bill/Mari, thanks for the tag. I'll work on that one of these days.
Joseans 92 online - thanks for the visit. I'll "chat" with you guys in multiply some time. Got a lot of catching up to do! See you around.
Mareng Jols - good to see Andi enjoying the colorful cupcake toppings. Wish we can bring Jade there.
To all - thanks for dropping by! Come again!


lovelyn said...

was suppose to holler why you're not around lately. sorry to hear about jade, hope she's doing fine now.

matsay said...

hello,Hope that Jade is already fine.I thought you went home again.
We miss you in Multiply!

jane said...

thanks lovelyn and matsay.jade's ok now.she's catching up on her meals and milk.
noeds'i'm back in multiply :)