Monday, December 31, 2007

The Christmas that was...

Ours was just a simple one. With the 25th treated as a typical day here in Taiwan, we opted to have early Christmas celebration during the weekend. Since Sunday was planned to be celebrated with Ate Rosie and friends, we invited our colleagues and friends to our humble home on Saturday and the theme was seafoods for dinner. Earlier on Saturday, I went out with 'te Rosie and hubby to the seafood market in Taoyuan leaving hubby and Jade home so the little girl can take her nap.I set dinner to start at 7pm so when we reached home by 3pm, I started to work on the kitchen few minutes after we arrived from the market.Dishes prepared includes adobong pusit, buttered shrimps,clams, crab feet (cracked before cooking), seaweed salad and stir-fried pork.While I was cooking, Dennis and Jade went to KFC to buy 2 buckets of chicken.

As the guests started to arrive, fish and squid balls with spiced vinegar for dipping were served with the help of a friend.Our friends enjoyed the meal except for the crab feet which entailed one to eat barehanded to savour it. The guys were teasing one of them when he started to "agkammet" (used barehand to eat) because his index finger was "nakapilantik" (lifted and directed upwards) but he didn't mind and continued to savor his plate with matching slurping sounds. The meal was followed by some rice cake sweets from the night market and more of the fish and squid balls. The dinner ended with the group watching the "Pirates of the Carribean" (don't know if it was part 1 or 2) where most of them sat on the floor because of the limited space.

The next day, we went to Juvel's place for late lunch while the rest of the day was spent at Ate Rosie's place where we had our dinner. They prepared the usual macaroni salad and spaghetti that's why I didn't cook these two anymore. I brought down the leftovers plus my simple "pinakbet" from Saturday which our "manangs" consumed with delight. Watching ate prepare one of the dishes taught me another new delicacy for me to try in the future.

On the 24th, we fetched Jade after work to attend the early Christmas eve mass which started at 7pm. After the mass, we headed home right away and dropped by ate's place to get some food servings for our noche buena, if we can call it that. After our meal, we unwrapped the rest of Jade's gifts as some were already unwrapped earlier during the Christmas party we attended a week earlier. She was all smiles when she saw Barbie though she was actually the one who chose it when mom and dad were doing the shopping. We watched DVD (Biohazard 1, Resident Evil) after that and to our delight, Jade didn't make any attempt of pulling us back to the bedroom so we were able to finish the movie.

On the 25th, we were at work as usual but after office, we went to KFC and had Jade enjoy the playpen slide her own.

We called our families already during the weekend as we expected that it would be difficult to get into the line on the 24th and 25th. It would have been a different Christmas if we were home celebrating with the bigger family yet we had to make do with what we have and where we are. Eventually, Christmas celebration 2007 was fine.


lovelyn said...

Those sea-foods are to die for. I love them and its easier to prepare. You really have to eat them with bare hands or you wouldn't get to enjoy it to the max.

I like what you said at the end with "we have to make do with what we have with where we are"...same to all of us who are spending the
holidays away from all our big whole family.

Nywazzz, a blessed and healthy 2008 to us all and more blogging to come!!!

Jane said...

hi lovelyn, we really have to make do with what we have and where we are otherwise we might end up "unsatisfied" and/or depressed. on the other hand, i hope our kids will the chance to experience christmas and new year back home...

yeah, more blogging and let's start with ppp, shouldn't we? :)

KK aka Tina said...

Hi Jane,
Ag-katkatay ak met para dayta seafood mo. I'm a big seafoods fan. I can eat it all day. It's expensive here that's why it's a treat.

Have a healthy and bountiful New Year! As for they PPP, just be patient and tell your friends to visit as much as they can.

Jane 101 said...

hi tina, thanks for dropping by.seafoods are expensive here too even if we're near the just happened that our friends invited me to go to the seaport with them, port is an hour drive away from our place.seafoods in that port market are really cheaper and fresher than those sold in the regular markets.twas,as you said, a treat.