Monday, March 17, 2008

A Bit of Sunrise From One of Acop's hills

I have long wanted to take sunrise photos especially after the “Show me your Sunrise/Sunset” photo tag from Lovelyn. As I mentioned when I did “My Sundown”, one of the reasons I just can’t is the difficulty of waking up early to catch the break of dawn. Another reason is that I don’t know where to shoot.

While vacationing in Acop, I had opportunities to get up early and watch the sunrise right at our room’s window but the bed’s gravity is strong enough to keep me in bed. Lol! But there’s this one morning that I had no choice but to wake up early because of the clothes waiting to be dried. I woke up ahead of my sister, who did the night washing with me, and while hanging the clothes, I thought I can grab my camera after my chore. So up to the room I went, took the camera and tried to find a good place to take pictures. Alas, only few turned out pretty acceptable for posting. I might just give it another try next time I get the chance.

Every sunrise is a present, a gift from God above,
Gift-wrapped with scarlet ribbons and tied with bows of love.

Each day's a new beginning, a time to start anew,
While all the stars are sleeping, and the rose is fresh with dew.

Every day's a new creation, too lovely to ignore,
And we may find a blessing, just outside our door.

We cannot keep the past, like fireflies in a jar
Nor journey to the future by wishing on a star.

Every sunrise is a blessing, a gift for just today.
Rejoice, my friend, embrace it before it fades away!

~ Author Unknown ~

The reason behind the shots...

One of nature's alarm clock...


Sidney said...

Nice sunrise... isn't it a magical moment worth to wake up a bit earlier?

Jane said...

Thanks Sidney! Yes, it's really worth the "sacrifice". I'm now convinced... :)

lovelyn said...

Thanks to the chicken. I personally love this post - Lovely shots from our hometown, a younger face of your mom, the poem and the rooster of course. How could I not add the 'sampay', it reminds me of the home back there.

TruBlue said...

Sunrise for some reason is always mystifying than sunset for me. Maybe it's the uncertainties and complexities it brings for a new
day to all of humanity.
Great picture as always especially the location. Cheers to all!

Jane said...

Hi Lovelyn, it appears that my youngest sister's the only one to get most of Mama's looks :) I actually miss hanging clothes that way...

Hi Trublue, thanks!