Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Your life has ceased but not the good memories you have instilled in our lives...

Part of my usual lunch break activities is to surf the net where friendster.com is one of the sites I frequently visit. I usually do not look at the the posted bulletins but yesterday, a post entitled "In memoriam - R.B." caught my attention. The post came from a former colleague way back my BCF teaching days, I gave it a second look and yes, the name placed after the first two words is somebody I know. A former co-teacher that belonged to the same group that I have been part of for a while. Somebody who was fun to be with and who seemed to be carefree. And yes, he has passed away. For whatever reason, I was told it's no longer important to know. What's significant is that he has now gone into rest. I remained in a state of shock for a while, and when it sank into me, I cried inside. I realized once again that one will never know when earthly life will come to an end.

To you whose life has cheered and inspired others, go rest in peace now. Thank you for the good, though brief, camaraderie you have shared. See you in the other life.

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