Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pasta anyone...

I usually cook during the weekends. I guess it has somehow served as my outlet for either good or “not so good” emotions. Definitely, cooking at the height of good emotions would result to a more delicious outcome. Spaghetti, Filipino style (sweet tasting), is the usual recipe I deal with. That would mean that we have to drop by the Pinoy store to buy Eden cheese, spaghetti sauce, evaporated milk and condensed milk. Hmmnn, the last two may be something not known to many. (I learned this from my friends here in Taiwan and I tell you, the taste resembles that of Jollibee’s spag). On Sunday, I thought I am tired of that taste and remembered the pasta one of my friends serve to us several months ago. The taste lingered not only in my tongue but in my mind as well. There were few attempts to cook it but not having the ingredients stopped it from happening. But last Sunday, the drive was there. I thought there is no need to go to the Pinoy store this time since the grocery near us offers a variety so off we went to check what we could get from there and indeed, we found all that we need. The good thing that came with it is the bottle of 2L coke that was sold at almost 50% off its selling price.

For a change and for easier presentation, ito na ang aking tag-lish recipe na maraming side comments. Di ako particular sa exact measurement, basta tantiya-tantiya na lang.

1/2 kg pasta
1 1/2 butter (use Anchor para masarap talaga)
Ginger cloves, minced
Onion, minced
Salt to taste (di kasi enough ang taste na bigay ng butter, kahit ung salted)
Black pepper, ground
1/4 kg chicken breast (boneless), diced
200gms shrimps, peeled and diced (can I say diced?)
Italian spices (rosemary, basil, thyme leaves)
1 tbsp olive oil (para mas masarap and healthy – you can use more that 1tbsp)
Parmesan cheese (optional, naka-sale gamin isunga naggatang kamin ah)

Cooking directions:

1. Cook pasta as usual (ano kaya ung usual ano? Hehehe). Ung usual ay may asin at mantika para di magdikit-dikit ang pasta. Dapat al dente ang pagkaluto, di under-cooked, di rin overcooked.
2. While waiting for the pasta to be cooked, heat small pan to melt 1 butter (di ko alam kung ano ang measurement nya eh, di naman cube or kg, hahaha). Set aside.
3. Luto na ba ang pasta? If yes, drain and mix with the melted butter. While mixing, sprinkle desired amount of spices. (not too much kasi maglalagay pa ng spices later sa pagluto nung halo). Pwede nang tikman ang pasta sa stage na ito, masarap nang kainin actually pero wait mo na lang muna ung iba. Set aside pagkatapos mailagay ang butter sa pasta. HHmmmn, ang bango.
4. Heat olive oil in a separate pan. Add 1/2 butter. (Masusunog kasi kapag butter lang ang ginamit). Add onions and garlic. Add chicken and wait until tender.
5. Add shrimp (madali lang kasi maluto ang shrimp eh). Add salt and pepper to taste.
6. Add Italian spices as desired. Ito na ung last na ilalagay mo.
7. Mix the cooked ingredients to the buttered pasta and toss well.
8. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese before and while serving.

Variations: pwedeng lagyan ng mushroom or brocolli.

Ito na yun. The whole family enjoyed the meal, and so did the usual friends. Of course, the priceless feeling that came after it is the joy seen in Jade’s face while eating the pasta together with Mommy and Daddy even if she has already consumed her bowl of porridge 30 minutes earlier than us. J She does have her own way of showing appreciation to what I cook. The more inspiration I got to experiment on other recipes.

Side notes:
My next target is pesto pasta kasi mura lang dito ang fresh basil leaves at simple lang din ang recipe.
Ang pinakamadaling pasta recipe so far na natutunan ko kay sa aking friend housemate sa Cavite ay ginisang corned beef pasta, mas maraming sibuyas, mas mabango at mas masarap. Chunky corned beef ang masarap ihalo.

Another side note:
Unlike the paella recipe, I was not able to take visuals of my pasta. I will do that next time.

I claim this as my own and original recipe because I can’t find one on the net as of yet. Patented kumbaga. Hehehe. But you are welcome to implement this in your kitchens. I’d gladly like to know how well you enjoyed it.

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