Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday, July 2, 2007

I am officially back to work today after a two months vacation leave. Hurray, I am happy to hear from my colleagues that there are no big issues concerning the projects I left behind. People in my RD team now leaves the office at 10pm whereas they used to get home from work past 12MN. Unfortunately though, this means that we don't have new projects coming. On the other hand, this entails that I can go home exactly at 5:40pm everyday, yehey!

Hmmn, several things have changed in the office area. The layout of the RD lab infront of our office area has changed, half of my RD lab is left unoccupied, breakfast meals are sold in the vegetarian canteen (instead of the store), the store owner is new (or maybe just a reliever), two guys behind my office seat have left the company, there are new two faces I see around, one of my PM colleagues has transferred to sales and hey, my boss has also been changed. Oops, the 1pm bell rang already, got to get back to reality.

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