Saturday, June 30, 2007


Before the "heat wave" strikes again, we decided to bring Jade to the Taipei Zoo in Muzha, found at the outer rim of Taipei City. Our zoo trip is one story, a mountain with most part of it turned out to be a cemetery, found along the MRT ride to the zoo, is another. The images seemed to stick to my mind and led me to surf on the net articles about it. I found two personal stories related to it, both of which mentioned about the place being haunted. The cemetery is actually on the mountain itself and underneath the mt. is a tunnel, the Xinpai tunnel that connects central Taipei (city that is) to the outskirts. One story mentions that drivers had their own shares of scary experiences while driving on the said tunnel. Then I remember that two years ago, the first time our Taiwanese friends brought us to the zoo, we past thru the said channel on our way back to Taipei City. Twas already a late afternoon trip back to town so I was so sleepy that I thought the "buildings" I see on top of the mountain are houses but then I thought I appeared like a ghost town. Indeed it was!

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