Sunday, April 22, 2007


It's been a while since my last post. Work and motherhood have kept me busy all these time. We had a 3-day holiday from work (for people to go to there summer holidays) which gave me time to catch up some sleep and go out with my family.

Yesterday, we went to Sanzhi town, 10 mins. bus ride away from home, to stroll in the beach side. We also took this chance to try our newly bought digicam (Canon IXUS 850IS) and among all those picture taken, so far, the picture shown in this post is what we considered the best =).

Dennis suggested the caption to be "Nakasilip ang Diyos!". It sounds terribly corny but it was really the first thing he thought when he saw the outcome.

Seriously, the outcome of the shot amazed me in a way that it made me think of the beauty of nature. We'll try to explore more of the digicam and have the good ones posted here. :)

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