Friday, April 20, 2007

Jade at 11 months

Time flies so fast. Jade is already 11 mos. old. Few days from now, she will be blowing her 1st birhtday cake =). She has grown up in her own pace and would soon be seen running around the house.

We practice her walking by letting her sit in a small chair and call her to come to us. In most times, she takes 2 to 3 steps, at other times, she takes one giant step and at other times, she turns to the wall and walks sideways. =)

When she's playing in her crib and accidentally falls, there are times that she doesn't get up quickly but instead lay there lazily.

She enjoys the slide.
She eats biscuit/cookie by herself. Seeing the pattern during her mealtime, she also feeds us in her own way. :)

She plays "pass the ball" with either Dennis or me, a game her dad enjoys with her.

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