Friday, September 02, 2005


Jolana tagged me again. Read on…
Seven things that scare me: loosing the people I love most, nightmares, earthquake, ivy needle, horror movies, ghosts (i’ve never outgrown this one), walking in the dark
Seven things I like the most: being with my hubby, travelling places, listening to music, cooking a great meal for my hubby, nature tripping, keeping in touch with friends, bringing out the best in me (naks!)
Seven random facts about me: i’m a good listener, i am a moody person, i am born under cancer zodiac sign, i started to learn how to drive years ago but didn’t push thru, i am the 2nd child from a family of six children, i had my first hospitalization days before my 29th birthday, i a married to the man i love most=)
Seven important things in our bedroom: pillows, electric fan(summer) or heater(winter), rosary, my chamberpot hahaha, the bed of course!, blanket, cellphone or alarm clock
Seven things I plan to do before I die: visit Rome and the whole of Europe with my hubby/family, establish a charitable institution, raise good children and grandchildren, write a book about life, spend time praying, direct a play/show, visit my family/friends and spend quality time with them
Seven things I can do: cook good meals, hike for two hours or more, read a good book until early morning, pound rice the provincial way, twist my eyelids(my niece love seeing it hehehe), cross-stitch, be a couch potato for a day or two
Seven things I can’t do: cycle, play basketball, dance, speak Mandarin (I hope soon I can because I need to), split, ride on an Anchor or any other wild rides, get thru a day without eating rice
Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex: eyes, intelligence, good humor, thoughtfulness, sweetness, masculinity =), eloquence
Seven things I say the most: pish!, shesh!, ano ba?, jerk!, ish!, so?, anya metten!
Seven celebrity crushes (whether local or foreign): The one I can think of just now is Vince Vaughn =)
Seven people you want to see take this quiz: Jols has already tagged those who have blogspots that I know of =)

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