Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Working after a long "rest"

I am just two weeks old in my new job as a project manager for key customers but I am starting to feel the pressure already. Actually, the 1st week was more of familiarization of the work place, the processes and the people especially the key contacts from the different departments. It was just last Thursday that my projects were formally given, that makes it barely a week of formal job assignment. At first, I paid attention only to two major projects then at the start of this week, I realized there are so much things to do. Luckily, the engineering group I work with are very supportive and accomodating. My boss too is supportive but he got too many projects as well that is more of a concern to him. So I have to learn how to become independent. The bad thing though is I don’t know how to speak Taiwan’s native language. I attented few meetings where the people communicated in Chinese. I am lucky if there’s somebody who’ll volunteer to interpret stuffs for me. Today, I attended a weekly meeting for regular updates of schedule. After I raised my concern on the items attentioned to me, I excused myself since I can’t understand the rest they’re discussing. I had to spend my 1st official overtime to finish several tasks and project schedule preparation that my boss will check tomorrow. When I was about to leave the office, I saw my task lists for the morrow and shesh, my day sched is almost full, and I have an evening conference call meeting at 9pm which reminds me that I have to update the progress reports in the morning.

But then I realized that it’s how things are at work. You have to be tough to survive ( After almost nine months of unemployment, I think I missed working =)

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