Sunday, August 28, 2005


Two days passed but I am still wondering how my blog got “deleted” by whoever, be it myself without knowing. Anyway, I had to let it go…how sad!

Anyway, today, my hubby and I had a great meal in one of the restaurants along the way to Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s like we were in one of the restos in Manila Boardwalk area. It was a celebration of our birthdays (July and August) since we weren’t together during those times so we thought of celebrating it together once I get back to Taiwan.

Our meal was a combination of shabu-shabu and barbeque dishes where we had to do all the cooking. It was an “eat-all-you-can” serving. Pork, beef and chicken meat slices were among those served. My hubby enjoyed the well-done barbequed intestine slices that came with it. Squid slices, fish, shrimps and a bowl of vegetable salad were also part of the meal.

Few shots during lunch...

After one and a half hours of enjoying the food, we both realized that we were already full. My hubby savored two cups of ice cream for dessert. We rested for a while and thanked God for the great time and lunch we had together.

A pose before we left the place ...


Jodge said...

whoa! naglalagay ng ads sa comments mo ah! anyway, i-restrict mo na lang para maiwasan.
uy! long time no blog ba! at saka hindi ka nagparamadam na nandito ka pala! hehehehe... anyway, it's nice to have you back and God bless always!

Treasure said...

Hi Gie, thanks for dropping by and warning me of the unwanted comments. nagulat nga ako, sabi ko aba, 8 comments na agad, pala spam lang, grrrr.naenable ko na protection.ano pala gamit pang-upload pix?mabagal kasi hello eh at saka di naman ganun kaganda resolution pag gamit blog tool.