Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Career change

Yup, after some time of thinking over it, I have finally took the step to change my career from being a project manager to becoming a full time homemaker :)

I left my job on the third week of March to take care of Jade. It was something I wished for since last year but I had to convince both myself and hubby that pursuing SAWM/SAHW-hood is for the benefit of the family. Of course, we had to study the pros and cons especially the financial side of it. It's not that easy to live on a single income basis thus financial management is one thing I got to learn better.

I'm currently working on my visa change (from economic to dependent type) and that entailed me needing to come home to process my papers here in Manila. I brought along Jade with me and hubby will be fetching us once I get my new visa. I'm lucky to have been given a free return ticket by my former employee while hubby got a free PAL return ticket (he got it by chance last year when he volunteered to take the afternoon flight since the planned trip got full packed - well, that's another story now)

I don't have regular access to internet, no connection at home and the summer heat is not conducive for me and Jade to go to town. I happened to pass by a shop here in Ayala MRT station on my way from the Taiwan Consular Office :) I'll be posting more stories about my new career soon.


lovelyn said...

Good luck on the new career Jane! Its one of the hardest and most rewarding job.

See you when you get back and regards to your mom.

By the way, for me, such decision reflects what we value most in life. Cheers nga kuna ni Trublue!

B-len said...

hi te jane! welcome to the club! i'd say it's the hardest but the best decision a mom can do. good luck and god bless!

TruBlue said...

Hey, don't forget about me...SAHG!
48 hours each week is considered full-time and really didn't mind, love every minute I'm with my grandson. His baptism and birtday bash was last Sunday but officially, he is ONE year old today! I will start feeding him RICE from now on, hehe....
Seriously, it's always BEST the mother care for their babies. My daughter couldn't trust "day-care center", so I'm it. Goodluck to us and cheers to all. Goodhealth to all your babies as well.

mari said...

wow! this is indeed a great leap for you... i think it has more benefits naman than any other career.
kaya mo yan mare! there are a lot of things that will make you busy. basta ang masasabi ko lang, be contented with what you have and budget is the key to everything.
good luck :)w

bill bilig said...

Hey, good luck on your career change. Are you still in Pinas then? Or are you back in Taiwan?


RoseBernette said...

Hi Ate Jane, good luck on being a full time Mom, sabi nga po nila, being a Mom si the greatest job in the world. A friend of mine also said that the worst day with the kids is still better compared to the best day at work.

lovelyn said...

Ciao Jane,

Ding-Dong! When are you going to update your blog. Can't wait to read from you. Hope all is well though!

Ingatz and hugs to your little one.