Monday, February 25, 2008

The Magic Pig

Small circle, small circle, big circle,
Small circle, small circle, big circle,
Mama’s ear, papa’s ear and a big big smile,
Six times six, six times six, thirty six,
Six times six, six times six, like a magic pig!

This is one song I remember learning from my early childhood. The lyrics and the drawing activity that come with it stucked in my mind but from where I learned it slipped from my memory. I started to sing and teach it to Jade when I saw her holding a pen trying to write on a paper after Tita Rosie taught her how to hold a pen and draw lines. I also taught this to her cousin Ate Alex during our vacation. I was surprised to know that my younger sisters don’t know it. I thought they knew it, afterall we came from the same elementary school.

Last week, I heard her mumbling something like bicycle but no! It turned out that she’s starting to sing the song while drawing. The “cicle” word she was uttering is meant to be circle. Then few days after, I hear her singing more lines, now with “mama’s ears, papa’s ears” then “thirty six”. I look forward to hearing her sing the whole song and watching her able to come up with her own magic pig soon.


lovelyn said...

Cute entry Jane!

Forgot about it too. Thanks for reminding. I'll teach this to Lukie tomorrow

Jane said...

it's fun (singing and drawing) gamin lovelyn!
spread the magic pig, hihihi.

KK aka Tina said...

Hi Jane,
Reminds me of my Mama. She also taught me this song before. :)

Bill Bilig said...

Thanks. Used to do this in grade school. But our version goes "six times six, makes magic" instead of "like a magic pig" :-)

Didn't realize that there are other versions out there.

Jane said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for dropping by. Our moms could have learned this way back their early schooling days, what d you think? Now I think I learned this when I was at Grade 1. :)
Hi Bill,
I never thought there are other versions as well. Made me think if I was wrong but realized no! So if six times six makes magic, what magic is that? :)

Bill Bilig said...

Yung magic sa aming version is when you connect the legs and all of a sudden you have drawn a bear. Btw, sa amin pala its a bear not a pig. The variation goes:
Papa's ear, mama's ear wave goodbye
Six times six is 36
Six times six, makes magic

Hehe. This is fun. Reminds me of my childhood.

Jane said...

thanks Bill! made me look at the drawing and ask myself how come it's called a pig, lol. i gave myself an answer of "kaya nga magig pig eh, kasi kung pig lang, di naman talaga ganyan itsura ng pig", ahihihi. bear is most likely siguro. :)
My Jade's singing the whole song almost correctly already. I'm glad she is. :p