Thursday, January 31, 2008

The bridge that changes color at night...

It's actually the light on the bridge, not the bridge , that changes color starting at twilight.

I thought F4 fever is gone but I think I’m wrong. I thought of calling it "Meteor Garden mania residual". Three weeks ago, hubby told me two of his highschool classmates, a couple, informed him they were coming to Taipei only to watch an F4 concert. Surprisingly, the concert’s venue is right here in Tamsui. What luck it is that this group will reunite hubby with his highshool classmates! By the way, we never heard about it as it seems the group’s no longer in the limelight here. Hearing the news from hubby, I checked the web for information about this concert and google led me to one website that’s managed by F4 fans. I figured that the group is no longer called F4, they’re JVKV now. The Taipei concert is scheduled on Saturday early evening in the Fisherman’s Wharf while a fan/autograph signing day follows on Sunday somewhere in Taipei City. We thought we can bring the two, KC and Alexis, out first before the concert or maybe the day after but it appeared that they have been booked already. Thus we met them at the MRT station and decided to bring them to the concert place which is less than 10minutes bus ride away from the station.

On the way, we chit-chat and I was like, “did you really just come here for the concert?” And the answer I got is of course, yes, indeed! I asked how much the tickets cost and found out there was none because the concert was actually a free one! Free? Then does that really mean they’re no longer in? Hmmnnn… that did not come from me that was from one of them. We arrived at the place just after sunset and we saw the crowd already gathered and waiting for the group. We saw a group waving small Filipino flags. KC mentioned that one of them may be another Pinay she knew who came to the concert venue a lot earlier than us. She told us that the said Pinay fan and her friends went to the place in the morning. I am not sure if they also flew from Manila just to watch the concert. With time still available for quick exchange of stories, I figured out that Alexis came to like the F4 group through KC. They also went to Hongkong last year to watch the group’s performance and mind you, they watched the same concert, on the same venue, for three consecutive nights. Awww, these two are really fanatics.

The concert stage

F4 fans waiting

(I was not able to take a close shot of the fans waving small Philippine flags)

Jade curiously trying the "concert light" I bought for her

The concert was scheduled to start at 6PM so we left them earlier so they could find a good place. We strolled for a while then headed to the coffee shop nearby. Realizing we haven’t gone to the Wharf for a number of months, and no night shots yet, I left hubby and Jade in the shop while I went out to take some pictures. I found out that the bridge light alternately changes color. We were able to see it lit in blue and green. We peeked on the venue hoping to catch a glimpse of the F4 guys since we were already there but with no luck. We left the place before 7PM without seeing any of the F4 members. I guess the concert started late.

The so-called lover's bridge in blue
Twilight shot

This time light's changed to green

Boats at the wharf

(Noeds commented it looked like it's inVenice)

The wooden bridge at twilight

More photos can be found here.

On Tuesday, hubby received a message from the couple informing him they got back to Manila safely on Monday and was happy to have watched the concert. I’ll not be surprised to hear that the two will fly back again to Taipei for yet another F4 concert.

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Bill Bilig said...

Taiwan is really high tech no, that bridge looks cool.

That concert light that Jade has looks like a jedi saber sa Star Wars