Monday, December 18, 2006

After Eight

I am supposed to be working on a special project from home but i don’t know how to proceed with what I have on hand so I decided to send several emails to friends, surf the net, upload new pictures in friendster and while doing that, write a blog entry.

Hmmn, I have done more than what I ought to do, hahaha. Anyway, before I end up with an unfinish article, I’d better get to what I am supposed to post.

Last Sunday, after hearing mass and having lunch in a newly opened Pinoy store/eatery in Tamsui, we headed to Carrefour, a mini-mart 10-15 minutes away from town. Surprisingly, we noticed that there were unusually lots of people that day. We used to go there on weekends but didn’t really encounter such crowd. Eventually, we figured out that the mart was on sale. To our advantage, some of the items we bought were on sale. One of which will be discussed in a separate entry (meaning I might have more than one entry tonight or it would be a late entry soon).

After almost one hour of going around the 1st floor area (where I got my main shopping stuffs), we headed up to the food section on the 2nd floor. Few steps out from the escalator were displays of chocolates which were on promo. I don’t have much interest in chocolates; luckily I don’t have a sweet tooth, so we really bother much looking at the displays until a familiar box caught my attention. I saw the brandname and pause to remember where and when I knew about such brand and realized, it was way back in Ireland on my 1st business trip in 2001. Whew, that was quite a number of years ago, huh! Then Dennis also remembered that I brought home such chocolates. It brought back a lot of memories leading me to buy one box at a price of 75NTD (~115PhP). There were two available flavors and I chose to get the “Bitter & Dark Rum”, I forgot the other flavor. Does my pick give a hint of why I had it? Ha! Ha! Ha! But I guess, it was more of the memory that the “After Eight” chocolate that gave me the reason to buy it. Which led me to miss Ireland and I have the same feeling at this very moment I am typing this entry.

Now, enough of the sentiments as I still have to move on and finish this. I had the first bite of it few hours ago and as the brandname implies, it should be eaten after 8PM. I shared the 1st piece with Dennis. I had the 2nd piece by myself after I drank a cup of coffee. Not having eaten chocolate for a period of time, it seemed that the taste lingered in my throat thus I had to drink a cup of warm water so that at the same time, I won’t suffer from sore throat later and might blame the chocolate for it.

Anyhow, I took some photos of the unopened chocolate box, the 1st piece opened and the chocolote with a portion bitten.

PS. Hurray, I was able to finish this entry without any sort of interruption. But it’s almost midnight and I might not be able to do the thing I am supposed to. Poor report, it has been there since last week. My future boss who needs it will be back on Wednesday, meaning I will still have tomorrow to finish it. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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