Monday, October 30, 2006

Sentiments of a mother...

Being a mother for almost six months now has led me into a realization that mothers are indeed to be considered heroes in their own ways. I couldn't imagine how much patience, love and endurance a mother has in rearing up her child all through the growing years.

I am in a situation where our baby is under medical observation and to undergo medical testings, which in turn, may lead her to be under treatments. For whatever reason, we are yet to know in two weeks time.

My heart was broken after hearing the words from the babysitter that the first manifestation that I, myself, has witnessed in Jade, had happened for the second time. I had to go to the bathroom and cry my tears out to easen the emotional pain I have inside. It happened yet to Jade, it seemed nothing. Though I know something could be wrong that needs immediate medical attention.

We are lucky to have a very supportive pedia who helped us seek for a specialist in one of the well known hospitals in Taipei. In addition to that, we are also lucky that her medical insurance covers all that we only had to pay the registration fee of 100NTD. Moreover, we are lucky to have understanding and supportive employers and colleagues who, in their own ways, had given us their emotional support.

I do not feel like disclosing the whole thing here now, I will soon as I know it will help others, especially moms like me.

In two weeks time, we will be going back to the hospital. I pray for strength because much as I have, anything related to Jade makes me so emotionally hurt, but I know that I need to be stronger in any means.

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thotsy said...

hi te jane! so sad to hear about jade. i hope and pray she's okay now.