Thursday, August 03, 2006

colic, tummy bloat, cough, rashes and oral thrush

Since Jade turned two months, we have visited the doctor several times not for her vaccination but for medical check-up. For three consecutive weeks, we were at the clinic's lobby waiting for her turn to be seen by the pedia.

First, she had not been feeding for several nights - actually she did but not as much as she should have taken in. For three nights, she had drank around 70-90mol of her milk that lasted til the morning, not early morning by around 8-8:30AM. Even if we wake her up during the night, she would resist her bottle. I knew that the amount of milk she drank does not suffice for that long. We tried to convince her - pretending that she could understand our pleas for her to drink even just half of the bottle's contents - but to our frustration - she preferred to sleep. That bothered us a lot. We asked our friends and we were informed that they had the same experience so we thought it was normal. We read from the book that there are times that a baby can last 6-8 hours without feeding. But then, our baby manifested that for three straight days. I cried most of the time because I was so worried that she is very hungry but why wouldn't she drink her milk. Even so, Jade was still energetic - she did not cry in complaint. She feeds well during the day. I called the doctor and told her the details and she immediately asked us to bring her to the clinic. Dra. Irene examined her and it turned out that her stomach is bloated - too much air has filled her tummy - that is why she resists to be fed because she feels full. The doctor asked if we regularly burp her, of course we do. We understand the importance of burping a baby. She was given a digestant that will be mixed with fluid that she will have to take in before feeding. That did helped a lot. We were also given menthol oil which we were asked to apply to her tummy after ther bathe and before she goes to sleep. Eventually, we realized that our Jade is a colic baby.

After she went back to her regular appetite, we decided to change her milk from S26 to NAN HA1 and her appetite improved a lot better. She liked her new milk - less fatty and not sweet! Her tummy did not bloat that worse anymore. The new milk's special formula - hypoallergenic ingredients plus biffidus - helped her digestion. The odds - pungent fart and poop - hahahaha. We have to ventilate the room after she poops so that the smell will fade away - even her babysitter noticed that. The doctor warned us earlier about it so we were already aware. I got used to it anyway that smelling the "scent" of her fart gave me joy and relief knowing that she is expelling the unwanted gas from her digestive system.

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