Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jade at full month

In Chinese tradition, the baby's 1st full month is a significant event in his/her life. Part of this tradition is the distribution of full month's cakes to people who gave gifts to the baby in th form of the red envelope, commonly called "ampaw" back home. The cake is specially packaged in a way that its box and bag denote that it is a full month cake. Since we are in Taiwan, Dennis and I opted to adapt this in celebration of Jade's 1st month. At the same time, it is our way of saying thanks to those who have gifted Jade red envelopes.

Dennis asked their department's assistant to order the cakes for us. She ordered two kinds of cake but we were only able to taste one kind, the green bean cake. I learned that the other is chocolate cake.Her cake was not distributed on the June 6 however, Daddy Dennis bought a small chocolate cake with matching "huge" candle for us.

We had a very simple celebration with just myself, Dennis and who else ... our darling Jade. We all dressed up in pink. Here are some photos taken during our evening of celebration.

Jade's full month cake (green bean topped with cherries)

Jade and Mommy

Jade and Daddy

Mommy blowing the smaller cake

family picture

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